What is True Beauty, Juliets ?


Statistics show that a girl is bullied every 7 minutes in a school yard, playground, stairwell, classroom or bathroom. My question is why ? Because they don’t look like the photo-shopped girls on the covers of magazines? So what’s expected of us girl to fit in ? Why do we want to fit in? Why would we wanna be like everybody else? That’s so boring! But i honestly do get it. society creates this mindset that girls have to have certain things to be beautiful .And atlas all these questions leave us with the most integral question…… What is true beauty?

Artistic Lovelies


Artistic Lovelies

I’m personally not very good at drawing if I look at something I can usually copy it down but I’m terrible at putting all my crazy ideas down on paper. Stay creative Lovelies even when you get old and grumpy.