take power


take power

Mistakes and regret are something that all of us are born with it’s not possible to be perferct so don’t freak when you aren’t.


Demi Lavato’s Stories


Demi Lavato went through many personal struggles.Bulimia,anorexia,self harm ,bullying,etc. But she overcame that, now shes a acceptable role model for young women today .

keep ya head up Juliets ❤

You Are Worth It Lovelies


All the times you feel so tired but you can’t sleep

You love someone but it goes to waste

You know there will always be someone out there better then you

You know there is no one to talk to, no one who understands

Just CALM THE HECK DOWN you still have a world out there waiting for you calling your name. Don’t you ever forget that the world is a big place you may not know this now but someday you will find the perferct fit the perfect place for the puzzle peice, the peice that you lost under the table and had been looking for for forever it’s there you’ll find it. You just need to try don’t just sit there confused in bed get up search NOW is the perfect time not tommorow not next week or next year NOW!

When someone fakes a smile don’t be mad at least their trying.


When someone fakes a smile don't be mad at least their trying.

We know we all do this sometimes. We feel like breaking down but we want to put on the show for eveyone else to see so we fake a smile or a laugh. BUT you shouldn’t this will only make things worse for you. Show people how your feeling tell people how your feeling do you really want them to think you just have a perfect life. Theres always going to be bad days but these are the days everyone goes through know that the world doesn’t just hate you individualing its just giving you life. Stay strong Lovelies!!!